panty lover's heaven

Cover Up Your Naked Bottles With Bottle Panties

There was a time in Japan when you could buy a pair of used panties from a vending machine if you sniffed around hard enough, but they eventually disappeared once the authorities started clamping down on them. Today you can still buy “used” panties from the basement of M’s lifestyle store in Akihabara and a few other places including Nakano… Read more →

shoes with blue seria laces

Japanese Netizens Are Raving Over This New Fashion Trend

The Japanese have this image of being snappy dressers, although from my experience that’s mostly true only in the urban areas. Living in the city doesn’t come cheap, and not everyone has bottomless pits of money to spend on their wardrobe every season. So how do they look good without breaking the bank? One open secret is used clothing stores.… Read more →

Mickey and Minnie

6 Things You Should Know Before Going To Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea

Japan is really lucky to have not one, but two Disney theme parks. While the kids enjoy Disneyland with attractions like Pooh’s Hunny Hunt and Splash Mountain, the grownups have their own fun escape in DisneySea, where the most popular attraction is beer.   The night electrical parade must be amazing when viewed after a few pints, I imagine. Every… Read more →

fun under the sakura trees

5 Things About Hanami In Japan That Will Surprise You

Spring is finally here, and there’s no better way to usher it in than with a hanami party. There’s something really nice about sitting under the fleeting cherry blossoms on a bright breezy afternoon, beer in hand, surrounded by good friends.   But it’s not all pretty pink petals and alcohol-fuelled merriment of course. If you’ve not done this before,… Read more →

Kagaya Tokyo

Hang On To Your Pants – This Is The Craziest Bar In Japan

Our charming Brit friend Chris Broad (he’s the Broad in Abroad In Japan, the YouTube channel that brought you “Teaching Fu*k To Japanese People“) does it again, this time diving into the patently insane Tokyo bar Kagaya. Unfortunately for us, we were with him (and some other unlucky sods). Read more →

my first valentine's day with shiori

Something’s Cooking, And It Smells Like Love (And Chocolates)

It’s great being a guy in Japan on Valentine’s Day. Unlike most other countries where the ladies are showered with gifts and flowers, over here, it’s the guys who get all the attention. It’s one of those (delightful) Japanese quirks like eating cake and fried chicken on Christmas. I’m definitely not complaining. 🙂 Just look at some of these goodies… Read more →

maid cafe

9 Super Useful Japanese Phrases You Can Learn In Minutes

Imagine being able to say thank you in perfect Japanese to that really cute server and seeing the surprised smile on her face. Or being able to ask for the bill like a local, even though it’s your first time in Japan. How cool would that be? Your next trip to Japan could be twice as interesting if you know… Read more →

romantic christmas in japan

5 Things About Christmas In Japan Everyone Should Know

If it’s your first time, Christmas in Japan can be a rather… interesting cultural experience. It sure was for me. I was completely caught off guard by how different it is from back home. For one, there’s no turkey to be found anywhere! Much like other western things here, Christmas has been tweaked, nudged and massaged into something uniquely Japanese.… Read more →