Why Japan Loves Panties

Japanese girls love short skirts, especially junior and high school students. So much so that they’ll wear them even in the coldest part of winter. I’m feeling cold just thinking about it, but they do it anyway because showing off your legs is considered cute, and to them looking cute is more important than being warm and comfortable. Now that… Read more →

6 Interesting Social Norms In Japan

Credit: Joetsu Shinbun Every country has its own unique social norms, and half the fun of traveling is discovering what they are. For example, did you know that in many parts of the world like Egypt, Sudan and Bangladesh, straight men hold hands as they walk down the street? Japan has a few interesting ones too. Some of them will… Read more →

Village Vanguard – A Very Exciting Bookstore

Hello everyone, Shiori here again! 😃 Most people who visit Japan usually know Don Quijote, Tokyu Hands or LOFT as the go to places for shopping, because they’re full of cool stuff that are uniquely Japanese. Even if you don’t buy anything, there’s still lots of fun to be had checking out all the new and interesting things on display.… Read more →

These Japanese Product Names Are So Bad They’re Good

After reading articles about stuff like Poo Curry and hand job karaoke contests (NSFW) in Japan, it’s easy to conclude that the country is, quite frankly, insane. I mean, over here, students dodge chalk bullets from Tommy Lee Jones and adults eat shaved ice with yellow syrup pumped fresh from the crotch of a life-sized cutout of an underaged anime… Read more →

7 Things About Japan That Will Surprise You

You know about the maid cafes, the giant Gundam and Shibuya crossing. You know that Japanese trains get insanely crowded during rush hour, and that you’re supposed to wear your yukata left over right. You might even know to stand on the left on escalators in Tokyo. But some of these things about Japan just might surprise you.   1.… Read more →

osoroi code trio

They Love Wearing The Same Outfits! Japan’s Osoroi Code

Hi everyone, Shiori here! Today I’m going to talk about clothes. You know, Japanese and Western culture can be quite the opposite sometimes. For most Western people, if you’re dressing up for an occasion, you’ll prefer something that makes you look special or unique, rather than something everyone else is wearing. And you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing exactly the… Read more →

shoes with blue seria laces

Japanese Netizens Are Raving Over This New Fashion Trend

The Japanese have this image of being snappy dressers, although from my experience that’s mostly true only in the urban areas. Living in the city doesn’t come cheap, and not everyone has bottomless pits of money to spend on their wardrobe every season. So how do they look good without breaking the bank? One open secret is used clothing stores.… Read more →

Lotte Fit's ginger ale Mario gum

Lotte Fit’s Super Mario 30th Anniversary Gum

Everyone’s favorite goomba-stomping, mushroom chomping plumber brothers turned 30 this year, and to celebrate the occasion, Lotte’s chewing gum brand Fit’s released two limited edition flavors in special packaging, one each for Mario and Luigi.   Don’t they look lovely? I couldn’t resist. Mario comes in a black and red box dotted with invincibility stars, while Luigi gets a cute… Read more →