We Eat Poop Curry So You Don’t Have To

Curry Shop Shimizu. Don’t let the pedestrian name lull you into a false sense of security – this place serves up some Fear Factor level stuff, and by that I mean curry that tastes like literal shit.   Now how would anyone know what real poop tastes like, you ask. Well, the owner of the place, Ken Shimizu, isn’t just… Read more →

Le Parc: An Unlikely Name For The Best Dim Sum in Tokyo

If Superman’s weakness is kryptonite, my weakness is Hong Kong dim sum. Chinese restaurants abound in Tokyo, but authentic Cantonese cuisine is frustratingly rare. My quest to find the best Cantonese restaurant in Tokyo came to a delightful end when I visited Le Parc in Ebisu. The name Le Parc is probably the last thing that comes to mind when… Read more →

Farm Fresh Food: Tsukada Farm

Tsukada Farm is not your typical izakaya chain. Here, the meat and produce is sourced directly from their partner farms, and you’ll taste the difference the moment you bite into the crisp cabbage and cucumber otoshi (appetizer). Served with a delicious miso dip, it’s fantastically fresh and a sign of things to come. Their menu features a wide variety of… Read more →

the beer sampler

Spring Valley Brewery @ Log Road Daikanyama

Kirin is on a roll recently, bringing out their first craft beer, the interestingly named Galaxy Hop (Micro Review: very decent; great packaging and bottle design) and opening Spring Valley Brewery (SBV), a brand new brewery cum bar restaurant in a newly refreshed part of the upscale Daikanyama area. Launched in mid-April this year, SVB sits right at the entrance… Read more →

35 steps bistro sashimi

35 Steps Bistro Shibuya

Of the thousands of izakayas in Tokyo, 35 Steps Bistro stands out with its unusual name, coined after the 35 steps one has to take down to the basement of Shibuya City Hotel where it’s located. If you haven’t already heard of this highly popular izakaya, all you need to know is that it lives up to the hype as… Read more →

tinun shibuya

Tinun Shibuya – Great Thai Food At Great Prices

We’re huge fans of spicy food, and we’re really fortunate in Japan because it’s relatively easy to find asian food, from Indian curries to Chinese tan tan men. They mostly lean towards authentic, but of course, some are (way) better than others. When it comes to authentic Thai food, our hands-down favorite is Tinun in Shibuya. Located right beside Keio… Read more →

baked cheesecake kitkat

Nom Or Not: Cheesecake KitKat

As you probably already know, KitKats in Japan come in a huge variety of flavors, from perennial favorites matcha and sakura to the more exotic ones like chilli. I came across this new one recently and gave it a try: Cheesecake. You can eat it as it is, but they recommend popping it in the toaster for about 2 minutes… Read more →

Lotte Fit's ginger ale Mario gum

Lotte Fit’s Super Mario 30th Anniversary Gum

Everyone’s favorite goomba-stomping, mushroom chomping plumber brothers turned 30 this year, and to celebrate the occasion, Lotte’s chewing gum brand Fit’s released two limited edition flavors in special packaging, one each for Mario and Luigi.   Don’t they look lovely? I couldn’t resist. Mario comes in a black and red box dotted with invincibility stars, while Luigi gets a cute… Read more →

minced meat with eggplant and tomato cream

Potato Cream Tokyo

I don’t know about you, but any dish with the words “potato” and “cream” HAS to be delicious. I mean, it’s hard to mess that combo up even if you tried. This tiny shop in the posh Tokyo residential township of Jiyugaoka is famous for taking the humble mashed potato and elevating it with a gourmet twist. Choose from 5… Read more →

In Pictures: Guzman y Gomez Tokyo

We went to the opening of the popular Aussie Mexican restaurant Guzman y Gomez in Harajuku yesterday! Got a pleasant surprise when we found out they were giving out free burritos! Despite the hungry hordes, the line moved quick, the service was excellent and the food fantastic. Huge props to them for such a well organized and executed launch. We're… Read more →