The Weirdest Place You’ll Want To Visit In Sapporo (NSFW)

Warning: This post is NSFW. From afar, this white building looks like any other building in the area. Well, until you get close enough to see the headless mannequins in bikinis brooding over you from the windows above. Welcome to Retro Space Saka Hall. The name Saka is a famous biscuit brand in Hokkaido that most people there grew up… Read more →

new chitose aiport atrium

Top 6 Things To Do In New Chitose Airport Sapporo

Airports are usually boring, sterile places, but not the New Chitose Airport. Hokkaido’s recently revamped airport is a destination all on its own. It’s more like a giant shopping mall with planes outside. I mean, how many airports in the world can boast a proper movie theater? Tip: Save all your souvenir shopping for the airport on your way back… Read more →

treasure soup curry logo

Treasure Soup Curry: Culinary Gold

If you could only eat three things in Sapporo, make it the seafood, miso ramen and soup curry. They’re what the city is most famous for, although if I were pressed to choose just one item from that list, it would be the soup curry. We stumbled on Treasure (not the yarrr gold and diamonds variety, unfortunately) while we were… Read more →

rasso iceberg hotel entrance

Rasso Iceberg Hotel Sapporo

Rasso Iceberg Hotel. I have to gush a little – this hotel rocks my heat-tech socks. Don’t let the campy sounding name put you off this little gem. It’s clean, great value for money, and fantastically located. The level of service we experienced in our 3 nights here went way beyond our expectations. We only paid 5,500 Yen a night… Read more →

wowsabi visits hokkaido

Hello Hokkaido!

Some people said we’re crazy to go in winter, but the temptation of Hokkaido’s delicious food was too strong to resist! So off we went to Otaru and Sapporo for our new year vacation. It wasn’t as cold as we thought – warm indoor places with central heating for the win! We saw, we ate, we buttered (our ramen). If… Read more →