The Wowsabi Guide To Akihabara

Bright, bustling, weird and wonderful, there’s no place in the world quite like Akihabara. The birthplace of otaku culture is teeming with adventure, and with so much to explore and so little time, where do you even start? Well why here of course! 😉 We’ve put together a list of cool things to do and eat here, plus a few… Read more →

Mickey and Minnie

6 Things You Should Know Before Going To Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea

Japan is really lucky to have not one, but two Disney theme parks. While the kids enjoy Disneyland with attractions like Pooh’s Hunny Hunt and Splash Mountain, the grownups have their own fun escape in DisneySea, where the most popular attraction is beer.   The night electrical parade must be amazing when viewed after a few pints, I imagine. Every… Read more →

Shibuya Crossing

The Secret Place With An Awesome View Of Shibuya Crossing

Going to Tokyo and not doing the scramble through Shibuya crossing is like going to a sushi shop and ordering fried chicken. Cliche as it sounds, it’s one of the must do things in Tokyo, because it’s so much fun. You’ll get to see all sorts of characters as you make your way through the massive crowd, from decked out… Read more →

fun under the sakura trees

5 Things About Hanami In Japan That Will Surprise You

Spring is finally here, and there’s no better way to usher it in than with a hanami party. There’s something really nice about sitting under the fleeting cherry blossoms on a bright breezy afternoon, beer in hand, surrounded by good friends.   But it’s not all pretty pink petals and alcohol-fuelled merriment of course. If you’ve not done this before,… Read more →

maid cafe

9 Super Useful Japanese Phrases You Can Learn In Minutes

Imagine being able to say thank you in perfect Japanese to that really cute server and seeing the surprised smile on her face. Or being able to ask for the bill like a local, even though it’s your first time in Japan. How cool would that be? Your next trip to Japan could be twice as interesting if you know… Read more →

Train Status Update Japan

Train Trouble? How To Get Train Status Updates In Japan

You probably already know that Japan has one of the world’s best train networks – clean, efficient, punctual. It’s one of the things I love about Japan besides the awesome toilet seats. In Tokyo alone, over 40 million people a day (and a few adventurous cats) commute by train. That’s a lot of people. And with those kind of numbers,… Read more →