Slurp! Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama

We’ve all eaten instant noodles at some point. It’s cheap, easy and delicious. But do you know the story behind one of the most iconic food products in modern history? At the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama, you’ll get to learn the history of Nissin’s Cup Noodles through a series of beautifully designed visuals, interactive exhibits and a cute animated… Read more →

DOMO Diner

There’s been an explosion of character themed cafes in Tokyo recently, and judging by the really long lines, fans are eating it up. Popular characters like Gudetama and Pikachu have already had their time in the spotlight, but if you’re a Domo-kun fan, you’re probably feeling a little left out. Well not anymore – Japanese broadcaster NHK’s adorable mascot is… Read more →

Go Wild At Zoorasia Yokohama Zoo

As a kid I loved going to the zoo. There’s no where else in the world where you can see so many weird and wonderful creatures, all in one place. In Japan you’ve probably heard or even been to Ueno Zoo, where the current stars are a couple of adorable pandas. But just outside Tokyo in Yokohama is another fantastic… Read more →