Some Serious Talent On Display At The Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Celebration

disneyland tanabata parade

Tomorrow Japan celebrates Tanabata, a festival where people write their wishes on strips of paper, tie it to a bamboo tree and pray for it to come true. It’s a very pretty event, with lots of colorful streamers and decorations.

disneyland tanabata decorations

To join in on the festivities, Tokyo Disneyland put up some special Tanabata decorations at the center of World Bazaar, and we were lucky enough to be there two weekends ago to see it. Cast members were standing nearby handing out pieces of Mickey shaped paper for guests to write their wishes on and tie to the giant display area:

disneyland tanabata decorations 2

making a wish at disneyland's tanabata festival

disneyland tanabata display

disneyland tanabata display 2

We expected lots of scribbles and text, and most of them were, but a few really stood out:

disneyland tanabata anna

disneyland tanabata elsa

disneyland tanabata clarice

disneyland tanabata mickey

disneyland tanabata goofy 2

disneyland tanabata mickey mad hatter

disneyland tanabata donald

disneyland tanabata goofy

disneyland tanabata sugar rush

So many talented Disney fans! Some of these look like they were done by professional illustrators. There were so many amazing pieces of artwork to gush over, although there was one that was hilariously out of place:

disneyland tanabata youkai watch

This little Youkai Watch fan’s wish is to be a ghost when he grows up, just like Jibanyan. How cute!

On second thought, we hope his wish never comes true, because Jibanyan only became a ghost after he was run over by a car and died.

Happy Tanabata everyone!