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There’s been an explosion of character themed cafes in Tokyo recently, and judging by the really long lines, fans are eating it up.

Popular characters like Gudetama and Pikachu have already had their time in the spotlight, but if you’re a Domo-kun fan, you’re probably feeling a little left out.

Well not anymore – Japanese broadcaster NHK’s adorable mascot is finally getting his time to shine! From January 25th to March 9th, you can eat your favorite brown monster at DOMO Diner, located in the Lumine shopping mall at Yokohama station.

In collaboration with Village Diner, the restaurant is serving up a couple of Domo-kun themed burgers and rice dishes each, along with desserts. We tried the Domo Burger and finished with the Purin a la Domo dessert. Yum! The apple mayo dip for the fries was amazing.

The dishes are presented beautifully, with Domo-kun smiling at you wide-mouthed from the cheese on your burger to the jiggly pudding. While you wait for your food, you can play with the many Domo-kun toys on display and read Domo-kun manga too.

Domo-kun fans, if you’re in the Yokohama area, this is something you can’t miss!


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“Order any main meal and you’ll get to take home the cute Domo-kun soup mug too! Ordering a drink will get you the original coaster.”


6F, Lumine Yokohama

Get there
Yokohama Station (Yokohama, Tokaido, Toyoko, Keikyu, Sagami and Yokohama Subway Blue lines)

045 444 1255

11am – 11.00pm daily

1,500 – 3,000 Yen