Enoshima Illumination “Shonan no Hoseki”

enoshima iluminations

Winter is here, and in Japan, that means romance is in the air! The season of illuminations is in full swing, and while there are lots of places in Tokyo to see the pretty lights, none of them can claim to be on an island like Enoshima. The lush greenery, unique landscape and amazing views of the sea – if you’re going to see the illuminations this year, Enoshima is where it’s at.

From now until January 31st, 2017, visitors can see the illuminations throughout the island including Kamegaoka Square, Nakatsumiya Square, Ryuren no Kane and Iwaya Cave. And the best part – it’s FREE. There are some areas that require a small entrance fee like the Samuel Cocking Garden, but the rest of the island is open to the public to enjoy.

enoshima iluminations

enoshima iluminations

enoshima iluminations

enoshima iluminations

So what are you waiting for? If you’re already in Japan or plan to be in the next couple of months, make a bee-line for Enoshima and experience the holiday season the way the Japanese do! We recommend taking the Odakyu Romance Car train from Shinjuku to Katase Enoshima – it’s super comfortable and lots of fun.


Images: Travel Enoshima



“The sea breeze can get chilly, so be sure to bring a warm jacket or snuggle up extra tight to your special someone ?”


Get there
Katase Enoshima Station (Odakyu Katase Enoshima line)

5-8pm daily

Free admission (Except for the Samuel Cocking Garden)