In Pictures: Guzman y Gomez Tokyo

We went to the opening of the popular Aussie Mexican restaurant Guzman y Gomez in Harajuku yesterday! Got a pleasant surprise when we found out they were giving out free burritos! Despite the hungry hordes, the line moved quick, the service was excellent and the food fantastic. Huge props to them for such a well organized and executed launch.

We're here at the Guzman y Gomez opening at Harajuku! 😆🎉 #gyg #guzmanygomez #harajuku

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long line at the guzman y gomez harajuku opening
Finally, some decent Mexican food in Tokyo!
standing in line
A massive crowd showed up, but the line was moving fast. Really impressive.
guzman y gomez tokyo
Nice interior design. Cozy and bright.
quick service
The orders were just flying out. Amazing. We got ours in under 5 minutes. I suspect they have Speedy Gonzales working the kitchen…
peek in the kitchen
…but it just turned out to be a bunch of really quick Aussies taking care of things on launch day.
happy people and their Guzman y Gomez burritos
Burrito GET! Shiori got the spicy chicken. Her brother Kohei got the regular beef, I think. The spicy chicken wasn’t kidding around, that thing was HOT. Just the way I like it.
guzman y gomez burrito bowl packaging
I tried the burrito bowl with slow cooked beef.

guzman y gomez burrito bowl
It was pretty good. Will definitely be back for more!