Heroes Not Welcome: Kaiju Sakaba Kawasaki

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Everyone loves the good guys. The poor bad guys, however, have a thankless job, even though it takes the same amount of hard work and commitment to show up to wreak havoc and destruction every day.

So after a long day at work, who can blame them if they want to unwind with a few beers and some good food at the local bar.

At the Kaiju Sakaba (Monster Bar), you can join them. Here you’ll get to have dinner surrounded by iconic Ultraman monsters such as Alien Baltan and Zetton, and plenty of figures, displays and memorabilia.

But be warned, no heroes allowed! At the entrance, you have to put your hand into a scanning machine to check if you’re a hero or member of the Science Patrol while a staff member carefully watches you. Ultraman and his ilk are not welcome here.

This limited time izakaya was so popular last year that after the first stint, they took a short break and reopened for another year. So if you’re an Ultraman or kaiju fan, don’t miss out on what could possibly be your last chance!

For a themed establishment, the food is above average – I actually enjoyed most if not all of the dishes we ordered here. And the presentation is really creative too. My favorite is the Ultraman Color Timer jambalaya, which was as delicious as it was cute. Thankfully, nothing bad happened when we didn’t finish it within 3 minutes.

One pleasant surprise was a small sauce and chopstick saucer that every visitor gets to take home as a souvenir! These bad guys aren’t so bad after all.

Like most good things in Japan, if you’re planning to pop by, call ahead to make a reservation in advance, or you’ll find yourself standing in a very long line.



“At certain points throughout the evening, a kaiju will appear at your table for a short meet and greet photo session – get your best monster face ready!”


Get there
Kawasaki Station (JR Tokaido, Keihin Tohoku and Nanbu lines)
Turn right as you exit the ticket gates, go down the long escalator, go straight ahead and cross the main road. Kaiju Sakaba is on the basement level of the NOF building.

044 210 5565

4.30pm – 12.00am daily

2,000 – 4,000 Yen