Japanese Netizens Are Raving Over This New Fashion Trend

The Japanese have this image of being snappy dressers, although from my experience that’s mostly true only in the urban areas. Living in the city doesn’t come cheap, and not everyone has bottomless pits of money to spend on their wardrobe every season.

So how do they look good without breaking the bank? One open secret is used clothing stores. Unlike other countries, the used clothes sold here are clean and in excellent condition, and you can find virtually any brand or item you want at a fraction of the original price.

Another way they save money is by getting creative, and this recent discovery has got Japan’s style-conscious netizens all excited:

seria 100 yen shoelaces

Colored shoelaces. An easy way to give new life to a pair of old sneakers or add some of your personality to a new one. They usually cost about 1,000 Yen at the shoe shop, which is not exactly cheap, but definitely better than buying new shoes.

That’s not really a new or novel idea though, so what’s the big deal then? Well, the thing is that these shoelaces only cost 100 Yen from Seria, a popular 100 Yen store.


I bought these shoelaces from Seria and it was quite excellent, and want to recommend it to everyone.


I went to Seria to get shoelaces for these fake converse shoes from Shimamura because they’re a bit hard to wear. I wanted the white one, but it was sold out. But these pink ones turned out to be really cute too!


I got these stretchy shoelaces from the Seria 100 Yen store, and they’re surprisingly comfortable.

Apparently the quality is excellent, and it comes in two sizes and a variety of colors that fit almost any shoe type, including high cut sneakers. Did we also say that it costs only 100 Yen? It costs only 100 Yen. And they’re flying off the shelves, with many outlets running out of stock.

With the recent GST hike to 8%, the cost of living has gone up and the Japanese are finding some very interesting ways to stretch their Yen, which is fantastic. I have a couple of shoes that could use some sprucing up myself, and I’ll be looking out for these at my nearest Seria!


Source: Matome Naver

Image: DiaperCakePatissiere