OTAKARA+ICHIBA Lucky Box Harajuku

Lucky Box Harajuku - Otakara Ichiba

Lucky Box Harajuku - Inside the shop

Lucky Box Harajuku - Which of these has the lucky yellow card?

Lucky Box Harajuku - How to play

Lucky Box Harajuku - Sample boxes

Lucky Box Harajuku - Lots of cool prizes to be won

Lucky Box Harajuku - Shiori opening a lucky box

Tucked towards the end of bustling Takeshita Dori in Harajuku is this fun little shop for those who feel lucky. Well, do you? We sure did, and together with our friend Chris, we went in to see if we could walk out with some sweet prizes.

Here’s how it works: Sift through the piles of boxes. Shake, sniff or use your super hearing to find your lucky one. Pay 300 Yen at the cashier. Rip it open like a 5-year old who has been good ALL YEAR on Christmas morning.

Inside each box is a small, guaranteed prize. But the fun part is when you get a lucky yellow card that wins you a larger, more expensive prize that includes anime figures, giant plush toys and iPods.

We tore through a few 300 Yen boxes, but no yellow card in sight. But then again, we saw two people win while we were at it. So Chris decided that he was feeling the mojo and tripled-up on a 1,000 Yen golden box. Did he score?



This place is a lot of fun! If you’re ever in Harajuku, it’s worth hustling through Takeshita Dori to check it out. It’s a cheap and novel way to faff around with your friends for 15 minutes. They also have a branch in Odaiba right upstairs from Joypolis in the Decks shopping mall.



“Shake it. Shake it like Shakira with a Polaroid picture!”


Get there
Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote Line)

10.00am – 9.00pm daily

300 Yen onwards