• Go Wild At Zoorasia Yokohama Zoo

    As a kid I loved going to the zoo. There’s no where else in the world where you can see so many weird and wonderful creatures, all in one place. In Japan you’ve probably heard or even been to Ueno Zoo, where the current stars are a couple of adorable pandas. But just outside Tokyo […] More

  • Heroes Not Welcome: Kaiju Sakaba Kawasaki

    Everyone loves the good guys. The poor bad guys, however, have a thankless job, even though it takes the same amount of hard work and commitment to show up to wreak havoc and destruction every day. So after a long day at work, who can blame them if they want to unwind with a few […] More

  • Hanayashiki Amusement Park Asakusa

    There are quite a few theme parks in Japan, the top ones in Tokyo being Disneyland and Disney Sea, but if you don’t have the time or want to try something different, we highly recommend Hanayashiki amusement park, smack in the middle of Asakusa. It’s Japan’s oldest theme park, first opening its doors in 1853 […] More

  • Tokyo, Off The Beaten Path – Jiyugaoka

    Hello, happy Tokyo tourists! I hope you’ve found some good places to check out on our blog. I don’t write often, so in case you didn’t know, this is Shiori here! 🙂 Today I’m really excited to share with you a place that not many visitors know about, a very cool place called Jiyugaoka. We […] More

  • Toriyoshi Has Some Awesome Chicken Wings

    I love chicken. It’s cheap, healthy and delicious. There are a few izakaya chains that specialize in chicken, but one of my favorites is Toriyoshi. Their chicken wings are just awesome. It’s like they’re marinated in dope or something – once you start eating these chicken wings you can’t stop! But stop you will, to […] More

  • Midori Sushi Shibuya

    Not all of us can afford to dine at fancy places like Sukiyabashi Jiro every time we have a craving for sushi (and it’s overrated anyway), but life’s too short to be eating that bland, budget stuff at a kaiten sushi place either, so your best option is usually a mid-range restaurant that serves fresh, […] More

  • We Eat Poop Curry So You Don’t Have To

    Curry Shop Shimizu. Don’t let the pedestrian name lull you into a false sense of security – this place serves up some Fear Factor level stuff, and by that I mean curry that tastes like literal shit.   Now how would anyone know what real poop tastes like, you ask. Well, the owner of the […] More

  • These Japanese Product Names Are So Bad They’re Good

    After reading articles about stuff like Poo Curry and hand job karaoke contests (NSFW) in Japan, it’s easy to conclude that the country is, quite frankly, insane. I mean, over here, students dodge chalk bullets from Tommy Lee Jones and adults eat shaved ice with yellow syrup pumped fresh from the crotch of a life-sized […] More

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