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tinun shibuya

Tinun Shibuya – Great Thai Food At Great Prices

We’re huge fans of spicy food, and we’re really fortunate in Japan because it’s relatively easy to find asian food, from Indian curries to Chinese tan tan men. They mostly lean towards authentic, but of course, some are (way) better than others. When it comes to authentic Thai food, our hands-down favorite is Tinun in Shibuya. Located right beside Keio… Read more →

sukiya breakfast

Your Guide To Cheap, Delicious Breakfasts In Japan

This is post is brought to you by Shiori and the numbers 8 and 3.   While there are a lot of cool places to hang out and pass the time if you miss your last train – izakaya, clubs, karaoke and game centers – you’re probably going to feel a little exhausted in the morning, especially if you’ve been… Read more →

Japanese Face Face Masks Animal Kabuki

Drop That Pocky: 5 Fun, Interesting Souvenirs From Japan

Japan is brimming with cool things to take home with you, and sometimes green tea Kit-Kat and Pocky just won’t do it. They’re like the low hanging fruit of Japanese souvenirs. If you dare to be bold and stretch your imagination a little, you’ll be able to reach for the really fun and interesting stuff! And boy are there plenty.… Read more →

Lucky Box Harajuku - Which of these has the lucky yellow card?

OTAKARA+ICHIBA Lucky Box Harajuku

Tucked towards the end of bustling Takeshita Dori in Harajuku is this fun little shop for those who feel lucky. Well, do you? We sure did, and together with our friend Chris, we went in to see if we could walk out with some sweet prizes. Here’s how it works: Sift through the piles of boxes. Shake, sniff or use… Read more →