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Enoshima Illumination “Shonan no Hoseki”

Winter is here, and in Japan, that means romance is in the air! The season of illuminations is in full swing, and while there are lots of places in Tokyo to see the pretty lights, none of them can claim to be on an island like Enoshima. The lush greenery, unique landscape and amazing views of the sea – if… Read more →

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Can you smell it? The scent of fresh fried chicken everywhere. Around every street corner, wafting out from every restaurant and convenience store. In Japan, that can only mean one thing – it’s Christmas! We hope your tummies are full, and your spirit filled with lots of joy and happiness this holiday season! As we unwrap our presents and wrap… Read more →

romantic christmas in japan

5 Things About Christmas In Japan Everyone Should Know

If it’s your first time, Christmas in Japan can be a rather… interesting cultural experience. It sure was for me. I was completely caught off guard by how different it is from back home. For one, there’s no turkey to be found anywhere! Much like other western things here, Christmas has been tweaked, nudged and massaged into something uniquely Japanese.… Read more →

Nakameguro Christmas Illumination

It’s a Blue, Blue Christmas at Nakameguro

One of the most popular ways to spend Christmas Eve in Japan is with a romantic stroll under a sea of beautiful lights. And some Japanese twitter users are gushing over what they think is one of the best places to go this year: Nakameguro. And who are we to argue – look at those pics! The blue grotto theme… Read more →