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osoroi code trio

They Love Wearing The Same Outfits! Japan’s Osoroi Code

Hi everyone, Shiori here! Today I’m going to talk about clothes. You know, Japanese and Western culture can be quite the opposite sometimes. For most Western people, if you’re dressing up for an occasion, you’ll prefer something that makes you look special or unique, rather than something everyone else is wearing. And you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing exactly the… Read more →

Lucky Box Harajuku - Which of these has the lucky yellow card?

OTAKARA+ICHIBA Lucky Box Harajuku

Tucked towards the end of bustling Takeshita Dori in Harajuku is this fun little shop for those who feel lucky. Well, do you? We sure did, and together with our friend Chris, we went in to see if we could walk out with some sweet prizes. Here’s how it works: Sift through the piles of boxes. Shake, sniff or use… Read more →