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6 Interesting Social Norms In Japan

Credit: Joetsu Shinbun Every country has its own unique social norms, and half the fun of traveling is discovering what they are. For example, did you know that in many parts of the world like Egypt, Sudan and Bangladesh, straight men hold hands as they walk down the street? Japan has a few interesting ones too. Some of them will… Read more →

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9 Super Useful Japanese Phrases You Can Learn In Minutes

Imagine being able to say thank you in perfect Japanese to that really cute server and seeing the surprised smile on her face. Or being able to ask for the bill like a local, even though it’s your first time in Japan. How cool would that be? Your next trip to Japan could be twice as interesting if you know… Read more →

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5 Things About Christmas In Japan Everyone Should Know

If it’s your first time, Christmas in Japan can be a rather… interesting cultural experience. It sure was for me. I was completely caught off guard by how different it is from back home. For one, there’s no turkey to be found anywhere! Much like other western things here, Christmas has been tweaked, nudged and massaged into something uniquely Japanese.… Read more →