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Menson RAGE Ramen Ogikubo

Menson RAGE hasn’t quite got its Michelin star yet (it’s a Bib Gourmand), but we reckon it’s only a matter of time. Ramen has been on a roll lately, with not one but two Michelin-starred places in Tokyo now – Tsuta and Nakiryu. It’s a great time to be a ramen lover. Tucked away in a row of shoplots near… Read more →

Slurp! Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama

We’ve all eaten instant noodles at some point. It’s cheap, easy and delicious. But do you know the story behind one of the most iconic food products in modern history? At the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama, you’ll get to learn the history of Nissin’s Cup Noodles through a series of beautifully designed visuals, interactive exhibits and a cute animated… Read more →

Ippudo Ramen – Tonkotsu Ramen Made Right

There are 3 basic types of ramen in Japan – pork based tonkotsu, soy sauce based shoyu and salt based shio. I’m not a big fan of tonkotsu because it tends to be too rich and greasy for my liking – the first glorious mouthfuls quickly fade into grueling last bites. But Ippudo has managed to somehow come up with… Read more →

new chitose aiport atrium

Top 6 Things To Do In New Chitose Airport Sapporo

Airports are usually boring, sterile places, but not the New Chitose Airport. Hokkaido’s recently revamped airport is a destination all on its own. It’s more like a giant shopping mall with planes outside. I mean, how many airports in the world can boast a proper movie theater? Tip: Save all your souvenir shopping for the airport on your way back… Read more →

Gancon Noodle Sign

Gancon Noodle: Groovy Ramen

Tokyo’s ramen scene is highly competitive, with competing shops often right next door to each other, and it takes something special to stand out from the rest. Well, the first thing you’ll notice about Gancon Noodle is the groovy signage that gives off a Cowboy Bebop and Afro Samurai vibe. Once it’s got your attention, inside it’s a lot more… Read more →