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Get Your GAME ON in Odaiba Until May 30th

The popular UK video game exhibition GAME ON is now playing at the Miraikan Odaiba in Tokyo, and we headed over last weekend to see if our princess is in another castle! If you love video games, you’re going to have a good time. Designed to be both educational and entertaining, visitors will walk through 8 “stages” that take you… Read more →

Kawasaki Warehouse

When I was a kid I used to sneak out of school to play at the local arcade. I’d run up to the door, open it up to a blast of smoky air and trot along the sticky concrete floor to the Street Fighter 2 machine. Good old days. Kawasaki Warehouse brought back that same feeling of excitement the moment… Read more →

Hanayashiki Amusement Park Asakusa

There are quite a few theme parks in Japan, the top ones in Tokyo being Disneyland and Disney Sea, but if you don’t have the time or want to try something different, we highly recommend Hanayashiki amusement park, smack in the middle of Asakusa. It’s Japan’s oldest theme park, first opening its doors in 1853 as a flower park, transforming… Read more →

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Everything Is Super At Super Potato Akihabara

If you spent any part of your childhood playing video games, you’ll have a huge silly grin on your face when you step into Super Potato. We paid the legendary spud a visit last month with our friends OkanoTV and Charles (who made a very cool video about it.) Occupying the 3rd to 5th floors of an inconspicuous, narrow office… Read more →

Charles and OkanoTV

Go Retro At Hanbey Izakaya Shinjuku

One thing everyone should experience in Japan is dinner at an izakaya. Izakayas are bars that serve food, and it’s where most Japanese people meet their friends or business associates to catch up or talk shop. There are countless izakayas in Tokyo, but Hanbey stands out with good food, friendly service and amazing value for money. Oh and the entire… Read more →