The Wowsabi Summer Giveaway!

wowsabi summer giveaway yay

It’s the peak of summer, but thankfully Japan is still churning out the cool stuff! We’ve written about a few of them, like the limited edition Super Mario 30th anniversary gum and bottle panties. But reading about them isn’t half as fun as experiencing them for yourself. With the Wowsabi Summer Giveaway, now you can, even if you’re thousands of miles away from Japan!

Joining the giveaway is easy as 123. Actually, just 1. If you haven’t already, simply sign up for the Wowsabi newsletter (monthly updates and exclusive content) and you’re automatically in the running for one of three goodie packs!


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wowsabi summer giveaway

Inside each you’ll find either a snack, capsule toy or some other neat Japanese thingamabob we think you’ll like.


What our first ever giveaway winner Susan got in the mail.
What our first ever giveaway winner Susan got in the mail.

We’ll be picking the winners randomly from the mailing list on August 31st, so be sure to sign up before then! We did our first ever giveaway a few months ago with our subscribers, and it was pretty neat. This time we’re making it three times as fun! 🙂

Good luck!