Hanne-Ichi Festival – Enjoy Tsukiji’s Best Sushi At Half Price

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Psst! Yeah, you over there. Want to know a little secret? A lot of people don’t know this yet, but if the words half price and sushi sound good to you, you might want to head down to Tsukiji this Golden Week on May 7th.

One day every Golden Week, Tsukiji has an event called “Hanne-Ichi” which means 50 percent discount market or festival. During Hanne-Ichi most of the shops in Tsukiji will put up one or more items like fish cakes, salmon roe, sashimi and mentaiko for – you guessed it – half price!

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While all the other stuff is great, the highlights are definitely the sushi shops that offer half price sushi sets or donburi. It’s every day that you can have the freshest sushi in Tsukiji at such a huge discount!

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Last couple of times we were there we had Kagura’s special sushi set worth 3,780 Yen for only 1,890 Yen. And since we paid only half price, we ordered some extra salmon sushi without feeling too guilty.

We love salmon but most sushi sets don’t include them because it’s a traditional Japanese fish. And of course we had beer to go with everything. And by we I mean Shiori.

It was one our best sushi experiences – top quality, delicious and cheap. As is the norm in Japan, the lines tend to get pretty long, so if you plan to go there, we recommend heading there early at around 9am to beat the crowds.

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Every shop has a limited amount of half price specials, so if you’re late you might miss out on a lot of the good stuff.

An easy way to get there early is to book a night at a business hotel near Tsukiji (affiliate link – thanks for supporting us!) and take a leisurely stroll over to the market in the morning. The business hotels are relatively cheap even during Golden Week.

Have fun!



“This year might be your last chance to enjoy the Hanne-Ichi festival before Tsukiji market moves to the new location in Toyosu, so don’t miss it!”


Get there
Tsukiji Station (Hibiya line), take exit no.1
Tsukijishijo (Oedo line) take exit A1

1,000 – 3,000 Yen