Wowsabi Summer Giveaway Winners!


This should have been posted early this week after we sent out the winners announcement email to everyone on the newsletter, but we were caught up in some serious unboxing (not the “Cool, new stuff!” kind but the “Ugh, where do all the stuff inside these boxes go to?” kinda unboxing) when we moved into our new place.

Thanks to everyone who just signed up for the newsletter, we’re so excited to know we have readers from all around the world! It was a blast picking the prizes and winners. Without any more faffing around, here they are, the winners of the Wowsabi Summer Giveaway!

• Chelsea from New Zealand
• Jarvis from America and
• Kimberly from Malaysia!

Yay! The packages are in the mail and you should be getting them in a week or so. We hope you like what you find inside! They’re some of our favorite things, and maybe you’ll enjoy them too!