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We were introduced to this place by our friend Sangwhan, whom I would say is definitely a beer person.

Faucets is one of the more established craft beer bars in Tokyo, founded by the same people behind Japan’s popular online beer store With over 40 (mostly) Japanese and American microbrews on tap at any one time, you won’t be running out of things to try anytime soon. And they’re good.

Look out for the limited time specials that usually sell out fast. Some of the beers we tried were the Gyaru Blonde, a tropical flavored golden ale with a hint of mango and Hadouken (gotta love the names!), a punchy IPA from Wales.


Happy hour gets you 200 Yen off on all pints (Mon-Thu 5pm-8pm; Sun 1pm-7pm).


The food menu is respectable, with a selection of classic beer companions and interesting seasonal stuff like the vegetable and kani miso (crab paste) gratin. We ordered that with the chicken fingers and honey mustard dip, and a hungry portion of wagyu steak and chips. Service was spotty, with the wagyu steak taking almost 45 minutes to arrive after a couple of prompts, but it’s not a dealbreaker. If you’re a crafty beer person, Faucets Shibuya belongs on your list of reasons to get smashed in Tokyo.



“It took a long while to arrive but the wagyu steak and chips was worth the wait. Tasty and tender! Recommended.”


Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-29-1 CROSSROADS 2F

Get there
Shibuya Station, take exit 3

03 3770 5544

Mon-Thu: 5pm – Midnight
Fri: 5pm – 3am
Sat: 1pm – Midnight
Sun: 1pm – 11pm

On a national holiday that falls on a weekend: Sun 5pm – Midnight, Mon 4pm – 11pm

2,000 – 5,000 Yen