The Weirdest Place You’ll Want To Visit In Sapporo (NSFW)

saka kaikan building

Warning: This post is NSFW.

From afar, this white building looks like any other building in the area. Well, until you get close enough to see the headless mannequins in bikinis brooding over you from the windows above. Welcome to Retro Space Saka Hall.

The name Saka is a famous biscuit brand in Hokkaido that most people there grew up eating. The founder of the company apparently has a penchant for collecting random stuff from the Showa period, and plenty of erotica. After amassing a huge collection over many decades, he decided to house them all in one place and open it for public viewing.

We call him the Creepy Biscuit Guy.

inside saka kaikan

Walk through the clanky automatic door, and you’re greeted by this small room decked with naked dolls in various states of humiliation, and a glass display that has an entire collection of medical speculums, among other things.

tied up dolls

creepy doll


cash register counter

After a while you start to get a feel for the Creepy Biscuit Guy’s taste in kink, namely bondage and panties – there’s an entire corner under the stairs with nothing but panties on display, right next to the wall of Showa era nudes. But it’s not all rope and boobs here. There’s a treasure trove of old packaging and random antiques to appreciate. As you tiptoe through the narrow, orange-tiled walkways, you’re never sure what you’ll find around the next corner, and that’s why we found this place so interesting.

old japanese packaging

random collectibles

saka kaikan interior

retro interior

saka hall retro room
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My favorite part is the room with the 50s decor, complete with red velvet cushioned lounge chairs and TVs with knobs and mechanical buttons. It brought back childhood memories of me at my nanny’s house, changing channels by pressing the hunky metal buttons and hearing a loud, satisfying click. The room also has a collection of vintage cameras, including the some early Olympus PEN models and a corner dedicated to Christmas collectibles. Also, another wall of classic pinup nudes. Duh.

saka kaikan store guy

Saka Kaikan is famous with the locals, but most visitors to Sapporo don’t know about it – there’s no website. Shiori found out about Saka Hall while browsing a Japanese blog that specializes in Hokkaido culture. So if you’d like a refreshing change from the usual tourist spots and see something really unique (and aren’t offended by boobs, lots of boobs), Saka Hall is the place for you.

goodbye... for now


“Don’t forget to pick up some goodies at the biscuit shop next to the museum on your way out. Those biscuits are famous for a reason!”

shiori buying biscuits


Nijyuyonken 3 Jou 7-3-22, Nishi ward, Sapporo

Get there
Nijyuyonken Station (Tozai line), take exit 4

011 632 5656

11.00am – 6.30pm weekdays

Open on random Saturdays – best to call beforehand. If someone picks up the phone, it’s probably open. To be sure, ask in Japanese: Kyou akimasuka (Are you open today?) If you hear hai, akimasu, you’re good to go.

Closed on Sundays and public holidays