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maid drawing cute character on omurice

Maidreamin Maid Cafe Akihabara

Akihabara is one of my favorite places in Tokyo, home to some of Tokyo’s coolest places like Mandarake, Super Potato, Radio Kaikan, Kotobukiya, and of course, M’s lifestyle store, where you can find the legendary used panty vending machine (it’s in the basement floor, in case you’re having trouble sniffing it out).   Another thing Akihabara is famous for is… Read more →

we had a great time

Yoyogi Village Tokyo

Tokyo can be very exciting, but sometimes you just want to slow down and relax. Yoyogi Village is an oasis in the city just 2 minutes from the JR Yoyogi station, the perfect escape for a leisurely lunch or an intimate dinner.   The village is an interesting collaboration between some of Japan’s most famous music producers, interior designers and… Read more →

The 3rd Burger sign

Gourmet Burgers At Fast Food Prices – The 3rd Burger Omotesando

There’s no shortage of good places to satisfy your burger cravings in Tokyo, but they can be pricey. The 3rd Burger hits a sweet spot with its high quality burgers at affordable prices. What’s impressive is that despite being wallet friendly, everything is made from scratch, from the soft, tasty buns that are baked in-house to the fresh-ground 100% Aussie… Read more →

Charles and OkanoTV

Go Retro At Hanbey Izakaya Shinjuku

One thing everyone should experience in Japan is dinner at an izakaya. Izakayas are bars that serve food, and it’s where most Japanese people meet their friends or business associates to catch up or talk shop. There are countless izakayas in Tokyo, but Hanbey stands out with good food, friendly service and amazing value for money. Oh and the entire… Read more →

world breakfast all day menu sign

World Breakfast All Day Omotesando

World Breakfast All Day invites everyone to “get acquainted with foreign culture through breakfast.” The concept is a monthly rotating menu of popular national breakfasts from around the world. I like the idea and the way they translated the concept into the store design – there’s a very cozy, communal feel to the place.   In some ways that’s a… Read more →

treasure soup curry logo

Treasure Soup Curry: Culinary Gold

If you could only eat three things in Sapporo, make it the seafood, miso ramen and soup curry. They’re what the city is most famous for, although if I were pressed to choose just one item from that list, it would be the soup curry. We stumbled on Treasure (not the yarrr gold and diamonds variety, unfortunately) while we were… Read more →

Bunbougu Cafe: The Write Stuff

I’ll admit – I sniff notebooks fresh from the packaging. And Shiori buys paper clips she doesn’t need, just because it’s cute. So we were pretty psyched when we discovered Bunbougu Cafe. It’s a cafe, a bar and a stationery shop, all rolled into one. Tucked away in the basement on a narrow street between Harajuku and Omotesando, Bunbougu, which… Read more →

Burger Mania Ebisu Bacon Mushroom Burger

Burger Mania Ebisu – Crazy Good Burgers

We came across Burger Mania’s new Ebisu branch a few weeks ago and popped in for a try – they have a reputation for serving up some of Tokyo’s best burgers, using 100% Japanese beef patties paired with some surprising sauce and topping choices (cherry and cream cheese burger, anyone?) The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed with swaths of wood,… Read more →