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Cute Overload – Character Street Tokyo Station

At Character Street Tokyo Station, you just might see your shopping budget go up in a cloud of cute, character shaped smoke. And that’s ok, because OMG KAWAII! This specialty street, located in the basement of one of Japan’s largest and busiest train hubs, houses over 25 shops from top Japanese toy brands, anime studios and TV networks. In other… Read more →

Village Vanguard – A Very Exciting Bookstore

Hello everyone, Shiori here again! 😃 Most people who visit Japan usually know Don Quijote, Tokyu Hands or LOFT as the go to places for shopping, because they’re full of cool stuff that are uniquely Japanese. Even if you don’t buy anything, there’s still lots of fun to be had checking out all the new and interesting things on display.… Read more →

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Mega Pokemon Center Tokyo, I Choose You!

There’s a reason it’s called the Mega Pokemon Center. If there’s ever a one-stop shop for Pokemon stuff, this is it. When it opened early this month, the world’s largest Pokemon Center was swamped with fans eager to get their hands on the plush Pikachu cosplaying as Charizard, an exclusive to commemorate the launch in Sunshine City mall Ikebukuro. Much… Read more →

Bunbougu Cafe: The Write Stuff

I’ll admit – I sniff notebooks fresh from the packaging. And Shiori buys paper clips she doesn’t need, just because it’s cute. So we were pretty psyched when we discovered Bunbougu Cafe. It’s a cafe, a bar and a stationery shop, all rolled into one. Tucked away in the basement on a narrow street between Harajuku and Omotesando, Bunbougu, which… Read more →

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Drop That Pocky: 5 Fun, Interesting Souvenirs From Japan

Japan is brimming with cool things to take home with you, and sometimes green tea Kit-Kat and Pocky just won’t do it. They’re like the low hanging fruit of Japanese souvenirs. If you dare to be bold and stretch your imagination a little, you’ll be able to reach for the really fun and interesting stuff! And boy are there plenty.… Read more →