Why Japan Loves Panties

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Japanese girls love short skirts, especially junior and high school students. So much so that they’ll wear them even in the coldest part of winter. I’m feeling cold just thinking about it, but they do it anyway because showing off your legs is considered cute, and to them looking cute is more important than being warm and comfortable.

Now that summer is here, short skirts are everywhere, and your chances of accidentally seeing panties while walking up the stairs or escalator are higher, haha.

Ok I just want to pause here and say that this article is written by me, Shiori, so please don’t worry, haha. Actually, seeing panties in Japan is not as big a deal as it is elsewhere.

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Japanese people – men, women, kids, grandmas and grandpas – we love panties. And we don’t think it’s weird to see them at all. In fact, I think panties are one of our kawaii icons. I mean, we even have a super popular gacha series based on panties for your drink bottles.

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Panties have been in our culture for a long time. For example, there’s Wakamechan, a beloved manga character from Sazae-San who has been flashing her panties at us for over 45 years. We think she’s really cute!

That’s her regular style, but there’s a thing we call accident panties too. It happens when a Japanese girl wears a skirt that’s really short but she forgets and acts like she’s wearing jeans, lol.

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It happens every day in Japan, especially when they’re walking up the stairs or sitting on the train. You might see their panties accidentally even if you don’t want to, because it’s right in your face.

It might be a little embarrassing for her when she realizes it, but on the other hand there are some girls who don’t care at all if people can see their panties. They’re probably big fans of Wakamechan, haha.

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And we can’t talk about panties without mentioning wedgies! In Japan we call it PK, which is short for pantsu kuikondeiru. When I was in junior and senior high school we girls laughed about it all the time. We’ll tell each other, “Ima meccha PK!” (I’m having a super wedgie right now!)

Panties are everywhere in Japan – anime, video games, toys, movies, magazines and even news programs. We talk about panties pretty casually, and that’s the way we like it!

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But however much you like panties, please don’t do this, haha. That’s a bit too much even for us. I hope this post has helped you understand Japan’s panty culture a bit better! ??


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